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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018Beyond the walls: The social reintegration of prisoners through the dialogic reading of classic universal literature in prisonÁlvarez Cifuentes, Pilar; García Carrión, Rocío; Puigvert, Lídia; Pulido, Cristina; Schubert, Tinka Tabea
1-Oct-2022Exploring a dialogic approach in tackling psychotic diseasesFernández-Villardón, Aitana; García Carrión, Rocío; Racionero, Sandra
5-Feb-2020Implications for Social Impact of Dialogic Teaching and LearningGarcía Carrión, Rocío; López De Aguileta Jaussi, Garazi; Padrós, Maria; Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar
2015Learning communities: Pathways for educational success and social transformation through interactive groups in mathematicsGarcía Carrión, Rocío; Díez Palomar, Francisco Javier
27-Jun-2018Pathways to Equitable and Sustainable Education through the Inclusion of Roma Students in Learning MathematicsDíez Palomar, Francisco Javier; Flecha Fernández de Sanmamed, Ainhoa; García Carrión, Rocío; Molina Roldán, Silvia
14-Dec-2023Preventing bullying of students with special educational needs through dialogic gatherings: a case study in elementary educationÁlvarez Guerrero, Garazi; García Carrión, Rocío; Khalfaoui, Andrea; Santiago-Garabieta, Maite; Flecha, Ramón
1-Sep-2020Teacher Induction in Schools as Learning Communities: Successful Pathways to Teachers' Professional Development in a Diverse School Serving Students Living in PovertyGarcía Carrión, Rocío; Padrós, Maria; Álvarez Cifuentes, Pilar; Flecha Fernández de Sanmamed, Ainhoa
1-Nov-2020The emergence of the language of desire toward nonviolent relationships during the dialogic literary gatheringsLópez De Aguileta Jaussi, Garazi; Torras-Gómez, Elisabeth; García Carrión, Rocío; Flecha, Ramón
1-Jul-2022The Impact of One Book About Friendship in the Lives of ReadersGómez González, Aitor; Puigvert, Lídia; Nazareno, Elias; López de Aguileta, Ane; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; García Carrión, Rocío
12-Oct-2020Transforming students' attitudes towards learning through the use of successful educational actionsDíez Palomar, Francisco Javier; García Carrión, Rocío; Hargreaves, Linda; Vieites, María
9-Jun-2023Transforming the educational experiences of marginalized students in Ghana through dialogic literary gatheringsAllotey, Eugenia; García Carrión, Rocío; Villardón-Gallego, Lourdes; Soler Gallart, Marta