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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2021Actions to Promote the Employment and Social Inclusion of Muslim Women Who Wear the Hijab in Catalonia (Spain)Garcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste); Botton, Lena de; Álvarez Cifuentes, Pilar; Campdepadrós Cullell, Roger
25-May-2022Building a More Inclusive Workplace for Religious MinoritiesGarcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste); Mara, Liviu-Catalin; Botton, Lena de; Duque, Elena (Duque Sánchez)
Feb-2018Dialogic literary gatherings and out-of-home child care: Creation of new meanings through classic literatureGarcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste); Gairal Casadó, Regina; Munté i Pascual, Ariadna; Plaja Viñas, Teresa
Dec-2022Dialogic Scientific Gatherings: The Promotion of Scientific Literacy Among ChildrenDíez Palomar, Francisco Javier; Font-Palomar, Marta; Aubert, Adriana; Garcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste)
Feb-2022Reducing health effects on deceit in heterosexual sexual-affective relationships: the impact of the preventive socialization program (PSP)Puigvert, Lídia; Campdepadrós Cullell, Roger; Canal, Josep M.; Garcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste)
Jul-2019Resistance to and Transformations of Gender-Based Violence in Spanish Universities: A Communicative Evaluation of Social ImpactPuigvert, Lídia; Valls, Rosa; Garcia, Carme, (Garcia Yeste); Aguilar Ródenas, Consol; Merrill, Bárbara