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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2021Así detectamos y contamos la basura que flota en el marGarcia-Garin, Odei; Aguilar, Àlex; Monleón Getino, Toni; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Vighi, Morgana; López Brosa, Pere; Stalin Borja Robalino, Ricardo
11-Jan-2021Automatic detection and quantification of floating marine macro-litter in aerial images: introducing a novel deep learning approach connected to a web application in RGarcia-Garin, Odei; Monleón Getino, Toni; López-Brosa, Pere; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Aguilar, Àlex; Borja-Robalino, Ricardo; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Vighi, Morgana
9-Mar-2022Beached and Floating Litter Surveys by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Operational Analogies and DifferencesAndriolo, Umberto; Garcia-Garin, Odei; Vighi, Morgana; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Gonçalves, Gil
10-Oct-2019Boops boops as a bioindicator of microplastic pollution along the Spanish Catalan coastGarcia-Garin, Odei; Vighi, Morgana; Aguilar, Àlex; Tsangaris, Catherine; Digka, Nikoletta; Kaberi, Helen; Borrell Thió, Assumpció
Sep-2021Ingestion of synthetic particles by fin whales feeding off western Iceland in summerGarcia-Garin, Odei; Aguilar, Àlex; Vighi, Morgana; Víkingsson, Gísil A.; Chosson, Valérie; Borrell Thió, Assumpció
15-May-2021Long-term assessment of trace elements in franciscana dolphins from the Río de la Plata estuary and adjacent Atlantic watersGarcia-Garin, Odei; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Vighi, Morgana; Aguilar, Àlex; Valdivia, Meica; González, Enrique M.; Drago, Massimiliano
Mar-2020Who's better at spotting? Comparison between aerial photography and visual methods to monitor floating marine litter and marine mega-faunaGarcia-Garin, Odei; Aguilar, Àlex; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Gozalbes, Patricia; Lobo, Agustín; Raga, Juan A.; Revuelta, Ohiana; Serrano, Maria; Vighi, Morgana