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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Nov-2007Bigravity and Lorentz-violating massive gravityBlas, D.; Deffayet, C.; Garriga Torres, Jaume
25-Feb-2016Black holes and the multiverseGarriga Torres, Jaume; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander); Zhang, Jun
1993Black holes from nucleating stringsGarriga Torres, Jaume; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander)
2000Brane-world creation and black holesGarriga Torres, Jaume; Sasaki, Misao
Jun-2018Brane-world localized gravity and the AdS/CFT correspondenceFrias Perez, Miguel
1996Bubble fluctuations in Omega less than 1 inflationGarriga Torres, Jaume
11-Jan-2008Can infrared gravitons screen Λ?Garriga Torres, Jaume; Tanaka, Takahiro, 1958-
1997Classical anisotropies in models of open inflationGarriga Torres, Jaume; Mukhanov, V. F.
2004Coincident brane nucleation and the neutralization of LambdaGarriga Torres, Jaume; Megevand, Ariel
18-Oct-2016Consistency relations and conservation of ζ in holographic inflationGarriga Torres, Jaume; Urakawa, Yuko
Jun-2023Cosmic censorship in Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi spacetimes: Conformal diagrams of locally and globally naked singularitiesFonoll Rubio, Víctor
1987Cosmic strings and Einstein-Rosen soliton wavesGarriga Torres, Jaume; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
2000Cosmological constant and the time of its dominanceGarriga Torres, Jaume; Livio, Mario, 1945-; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander)
17-Oct-2011Cosmological Perturbations in Einstein-Aether TheoriesFariña Sierra, Noela
2002Cosmological perturbations in the 5D big bangGarriga Torres, Jaume; Tanaka, Takahiro, 1958-
2004Dark energy equation of state and anthropic selectionGarriga Torres, Jaume; Linde, A. D.; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander)
1999Density parameter and the anthropic principleGarriga Torres, Jaume; Tanaka, Takahiro, 1958-; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander)
10-Oct-2023Domain walls, primordial black holes and inflationSanglás Martín, Albert
1993Effects of friction on cosmic stringsGarriga Torres, Jaume; Sakellariadou, Maria
Jul-2021Electromagnetic radiation reaction in a classical binary systemPérez Martín, Guillem