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16-Aug-2020Genistein induces adipogenic and autophagic effects in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) adipose tissue: in vivo and in vitro modelsBalbuena-Pecino, Sara; Lutfi Royo, Esmail; Riera Heredia, Natàlia; Gasch-Navalón, Esther; Vélez, Emilio J.; Gutiérrez Fruitós, Joaquín; Capilla Campos, Encarnación; Navarro Álvarez, Isabel
21-Jan-2021Musculoskeletal growth modulation in gilthead sea bream juveniles reared at high water temperature and fed with palm and rapeseed oils-based dietsBalbuena-Pecino, Sara; Riera Heredia, Natàlia; Gasch-Navalón, Esther; Sánchez-Moya, Albert; Fontanillas, Ramon; Gutiérrez Fruitós, Joaquín; Navarro Álvarez, Isabel; Capilla Campos, Encarnación