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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Applications of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation to gravityCunillera García, Francesc
20-Jun-2017Beyond dimensional analysis: Higgs and new Higgs inflations do not violate unitarityGermani, Cristiano; Escrivà, Albert
Jun-2023Correlation functions of 2D Black Holes in JT gravityMontellà Manuel, Laia
4-Feb-2016Electroweak vacuum stability and inflation via nonminimal derivative couplings to gravityVita, Stefano Di; Germani, Cristiano
23-Oct-2015Firewalls as artefacts of inconsistent truncations of quantum geometriesGermani, Cristiano; Sarkar, Debajyoti
13-Nov-2001Gravitational collapse on the brane: a no-go theoremBruni, Marco; Germani, Cristiano; Maartens, Roy
Jun-2017Holographic Description of 2-Dimensional Quantum Black HolesPereñiguez Rodriguez, David
Jun-2020Hydrodynamical limit of non-minimally coupled scalar fieldsForbicia León, Roberto
18-Mar-2010New Model of Inflation with Non-minimal Derivative Coupling of Standard Model Higgs Boson to GravityGermani, Cristiano; Kehagias, Alex
21-Jun-2021Numerical simulations of primordial black holes­­­­­­­­­­Escrivá Mañas, Alberto
8-Aug-2016On post-inflation validity of perturbation theory in Horndeski scalar-tensor modelsGermani, Cristiano; Kudryashova, Nina; Watanabe, Yuki
Oct-2023Stochastic inflation in the Constant Roll regimeTuells Miralles, Daniel
21-May-2002String Inspired Brane World CosmologyGermani, Cristiano; Sopuerta, Carlos F.
11-Apr-2018The Gross-Pitaevskii equations of a static and spherically symmetric condensate of gravitonsCunillera García, Francesc; Germani, Cristiano
1-Mar-2019The role of non-gaussianities in primordial black hole formationAtal, Vicente; Germani, Cristiano
20-Apr-2011Ultraviolet-Protected InflationGermani, Cristiano; Kehagias, Alex