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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An exploratory analysis of hospital discharge summaries across EuropeGlonti, Ketevan; Hawkesworth, Sophie; Doupi, Persephone; Doering, N.; Baeten, Rita; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Kiasuwa, Régine; Ruppe, Georg; Winkelman, J.; McKee, Martin; Knai, Cecile
1999Beyond the Toledo agreement : the intergenerational impact of the spanish pension reformBonin, Holger, 1968-; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Patxot, Concepció
Mar-2017Communicating the Risk of MRSA: The Role of Clinical Practice, Regulation and Other Policies in Five European CountriesDickmann, Petra; Keeping, Sam; Döring, Nora; Schmidt, Andrea E.; Binder, Claudia; Ariño-Blasco, Sergio; Gil, Joan, 1966-
Dec-2009Decomposing BMI Gaps Between Mediterrranean Countries: A Counterfactual Quantile Regression AnalysisCosta i Font, Joan; Fabbri, Daniele; Gil, Joan, 1966-
2008Decomposing Cross-Country Gaps in Obesity and Overweight: Does the Social Environment Matter?Costa i Font, Joan; Fabbri, Daniele; Gil, Joan, 1966-
28-Jan-2019Essays on the Economics of ObesityRaftopoulou, Athina
Jun-2016The financial sustainability and the income adequacy of the Spanish pension systemPeralta Brullo, Walter Hugo
2008Generational Effects and Gender Height Dimorphism in Comtemporary SpainCosta i Font, Joan; Gil, Joan, 1966-
2007Generational effects on adult height in individual heterogeneityCosta i Font, Joan; Gil, Joan, 1966-
2018Has the economic crisis worsened the world-related stress and mental health of temporary workers in Spain? [WP]Bartoll, Xavier; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
2021Health information and lifestyle behaviours: the impact of a diabetes diagnosisGaggero, Alessio; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Jiménez Rubio, Dolores; Zucchelli, Eugenio
30-May-2010Housing Wealth and Housing Decisions in Old Age: Sale and ReversionCosta i Font, Joan; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Mascarilla i Miró, Oscar
Jun-2018Information and choice of residential care provider for older people: a comparative study in England, the Netherlands and SpainTrigg, Lis; Kumpunen, Stephanie; Holder, Jacquetta; Maarse, Hans; Solé Juvés, Meritxell; Gil, Joan, 1966-
Sep-2013Intergenerational and socioeconomic gradients of child obesityCosta i Font, Joan; Gil, Joan, 1966-
2016Is marriage protecting your health in recession times?Gil, Joan, 1966-
2005La Ley de Estabilidad Presupuestaria en el largo plazo: efecto del ciclo demográficoAbío, Gemma; Gil, Joan, 1966-; Patxot, Concepció
Mar-2020Lifestyles: what can policies do and what canpeople do?Gil, Joan, 1966-; Mora Corral, Antoni J.
2022Maternal employment and childhood malnutrition in EcuadorAndrade, José Carlos; Gil, Joan, 1966-
2021Maternal employment and childhood nutrition in EcuadorAndrade, José Carlos
17-May-2021Missing Diagnoses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Year in ReviewPifarré i Arolas, Héctor; Vidal-Alaball, Josep; Gil, Joan, 1966-; López Seguí, Francesc; Nicodemo, Catia; Sáez, Marc