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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2012DInSAR coseismic deformation of the May 2011 Mw 5.1 Lorca earthquake, (Southern Spain)Frontera, Tànit; Concha, A.; Blanco, P.; Echeverria Moreno, Ana; Goula Suriñach, Xavier; Arbiol, Román; Khazaradze, Giorgi; Pérez, F.; Suriñach Cornet, Emma
1-Sep-2016Induced seismicity in enhanced geothermal systems: a numerical investigation on the influence of the friction modelPiris, G.; Griera, Albert; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Herms, I; Goula Suriñach, Xavier
25-Nov-2016Induced seismicity in pressurised single fractures: a numerical approachPiris, G.; Griera, Albert; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Herms, I.; Goula Suriñach, Xavier
2-Feb-2015Present-day deformation of the Pyrenees revealed by GPS surveying and earthquake focal mechanisms until 2011Rigo, A.; Vernant, P.; Feigl, K.L.; Goula Suriñach, Xavier; Khazaradze, Giorgi; Talaya, J.; Morel, L.; Nicolas, J.; Baize, Stéphane; Chéry, J.; Sylvander, M.