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27-Jul-2018Fault Zone Evolution and Development of a Structural and Hydrological Barrier: The Quartz Breccia in the Kiggavik Area (Nunavut, Canada) and Its Control on Uranium MineralizationGrare, Alexis; Lacombe, Olivier; Mercadier, Julien; Benedicto Esteban, Antonio; Guilcher, Marie; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Ledru, Patrick; Robbins, John
Feb-2020Structural controls and metallogenic model of polyphase uranium mineralization in the Kiggavik area (Nunavut, Canada)Grare, Alexis; Benedicto Esteban, Antonio; Mercadier, Julien; Lacombe, Olivier; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Guilcher, Marie; Richard, A.; Ledru, Patrick; Blain, M.; Robbins, John