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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2021A Conceptual Probabilistic Framework for Annotation Aggregation of Citizen Science DataCerquides Bueno, Jesús; Mülâyim, Mehmet Oguz; Hernández-González, Jerónimo; Shankar, Amudha Ravi; Fernández Márquez, Jose Luis
1-Jul-2021A restaurant recommender system for a new-born app-based gastronomic guideGranatiero, Pablo
12-Dec-2020A Robust Solution to Variational Importance Sampling of Minimum VarianceHernández-González, Jerónimo; Cerquides Bueno, Jesús
13-Jun-2022Disseny d'un model basat en tècniques d'aprenentatge automàtic per predir el cabal del riu TerGer Roca, Sergi
30-Jun-2021Facing the Label-Switching problem when using generic inference platforms for crowd annotation modelsPadrós Zamora, Àlex
24-Jan-2023Formalització i modelització d’una comunitat virtual enriquida amb un xatbotPueyo Puyuelo, Iago
8-Sep-2022Machine learning from crowds using candidate set-based labellingBeñaran-Muñoz, Iker; Hernández-González, Jerónimo; Pérez, Aritz
5-Oct-2022Modeling three sources of uncertainty in assisted reproductive technologies with probabilistic graphical modelsHernández-González, Jerónimo; Valls, Olga; Torres Martín, Adrián; Cerquides Bueno, Jesús
Nov-2022On the relative value of weak information of supervision for learning generative models: An empirical studyHernández-González, Jerónimo; Pérez, Aritz
30-Sep-2022On the use of the descriptive variable for enhancing the aggregation of crowdsourced labelsBeñaran-Muñoz, Iker; Hernández-González, Jerónimo; Pérez, Aritz
30-Jun-2023Parametric learning of probabilistic graphical models from multi-sourced dataCatalán Cerezo, David
1-Jul-2021Validation on real data of an extended embryo-uterine probabilistic graphical model for embryo selectionTorres Martín, Adrián