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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2021Historical and Conceptual Foundations of Information PhysicsAnta Pulido, Javier
1-Oct-2015Introduction: space-time and the wave functionSolé, Albert; Hoefer, Carl
16-Oct-2016J. T. Ismael, How Physics Makes Us Free, Oxford University Press, 2016, 273pp.Hoefer, Carl
1-Nov-2014Mach's Principle as action-at-a-distance in GR: the causality questionHoefer, Carl
26-Apr-2023Nothing to come in a relativistic settingDorato, Mauro; Hoefer, Carl
21-Dec-2016Objective Chance: Not Propensity, Maybe DeterminismHoefer, Carl
11-Sep-2020Realism, reference & perspectiveHoefer, Carl; Martí, Genoveva
1-Dec-2019The philosopher's paradox: How to make a coherent decision in the Newcomb ProblemHoefer, Carl; Viger, Christopher; Viger, Daniel
1-Jan-2019Water has a microstructural essence after allHoefer, Carl; Martí, Genoveva