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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020An Algebraic Study of Admissible RulesMastrokostas, Zafeiris
1996Contribucions a la teoria de models de la lògica sense identitatDellunde i Clavé, Pilar
4-Nov-2013Duality theory and Abstract Algebraic LogicEsteban, María
Jun-2018Gentzen Relations and Contextual Deduction-Detachment TheoremsMenéndez Turata, Guillermo
Oct-2020Inconsistency lemmas: an algebraic approachHerrera Hernández, Jorge
8-Jun-2016Investigations into the role of translations in abstract algebraic logicMoraschini, Tommaso
1992La lògica Laa i els models finitament determinatsDellunde i Clavé, Pilar
16-Mar-2016Operators and strong versions of sentential logics in Abstract Algebraic LogicAlbuquerque, Hugo Cardoso
1-Oct-2004Strict-Weak Languages. An Analysis of Strict ImplicationBou Moliner, Félix
21-Oct-2015Topological dualities and completions for (distributive) partially ordered setsGonzález, Luciano J.