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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2014Asmase Regulates autophagy and lysosomal membrane permeabilization and its inhibition prevents early stage nonalcoholic steatohepatitisFucho Salvador, Raquel; Martínez, Laura Mónica; Baulies, Anna; Torres, Sandra; Tarrats Font, Núria; Fernandez, Anna; Ribas, Vicente; Astudillo, Alma M.; Balsinde, Jesús; García-Roves, Pablo M. (Pablo Miguel); Elena, Montserrat; Bergheim, Ina; Lotersztajn, Sophie; Trautwein, Christian; Appelqvist, Hanna; Paton, Adrienne W.; Paton, James C.; Czaja, Mark J.; Kaplowitz, Neil; Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos; García Ruiz, Carmen
1994Effect of chronic ethanol feeding on glutathione and functional integrity of mitochondria in periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes.García Ruiz, Carmen; Morales Muñoz, Albert; Ballesta Gimeno, Antonio M.; Rodés, J.; Kaplowitz, Neil; Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos
1987Effect of chronic ethanol feeding on rat hepatocytic glutathione. Compartmentation, efflux, and response to incubation with ethanol.Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos; Ookhtens, Murad; Kaplowitz, Neil
1994Expression cloning of a rat hepatic reduced glutathione transporter with canalicular characteristicsYi, Jian-Ri; Lu, Shilun; Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos; Kaplowitz, Neil
1991Impaired uptake of glutathione by hepatic mitochondria from chronic ethanol-fed rats. Tracer kinetic studies in vitro and in vivo and susceptibility to oxidant stress.Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos; García Ruiz, Carmen; Ookhtens, Murad; Kaplowitz, Neil
1988Inhibition of glutathione efflux in the perfused rat liver and isolated hepatocytes by organic anions and bilirubin. Kinetics, sidedness, and molecular forms.Ookhtens, Murad; Lyon, Irving; Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos; Kaplowitz, Neil
Oct-2012Mitochondrial GSH determines the toxic or therapeutic potential of superoxide scavenging in steatohepatitisvon Montfort, Claudia; Matias, Núria; Fernandez, Anna; Fucho Salvador, Raquel; Conde de la Rosa, Laura; Martínez Chantar, Maria Luz; Mato, José M.; Machida, Keigo; Tsukamoto, Hidekazu; Murphy, Michael P.; Mansouri, Abdellah; Kaplowitz, Neil; Garcia-Ruiz, Carmen; Fernández-Checa Torres, José Carlos