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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2023Cayley graphs and endomorphism monoidsSánchez Aragón, Sergi
13-Jun-2022Coverings of generalized Petersen graphsFranco i Morró, Oriol
24-Jan-2021Enumerating k-connected orientationsYarema, Taras
23-Jan-2023Learning-powered computer-assisted counterexample searchVentosa Andreu, Laura
13-Jun-2023Monoid graphs and generalized Petersen graphsVidal i Garcia, Ernest
1-May-2022On sensitivity in bipartite Cayley graphsGarcia-Marco, Ignacio; Knauer, Kolja
13-Jun-2022Outerplanar partial cubesRovira Segú, Bernat
16-Jan-2024Secuencias de grados de realización únicaRovira Cortés, Ramón
24-Jan-2022Woodall's conjecture and the Lucchesi-Younger theoremMoles Gené, Oriol