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1996Effects of prolonged ethanol intake and malnutrition on rat pancreasLópez Blanco, José Manuel; Bombí, Josep Antoni; Valderrama Labarca, Rodrigo; Giménez Lagunas, América; Parés Darnaculleta, Albert; Caballeria Rovira, Joan; Imperial Ródenas, Santiago; Navarro Colás, Salvador
27-Oct-1995Sterol regulation of fatty acid synthase promoter: coordinate feedback regulation of two mayor lipid pathwaysBennett, Mary K.; López Blanco, José Manuel; Sánchez, Hugo B.; Osborne, Timothy
14-May-2019Suppression of a broad spectrum of liver autoimmune pathologies by single peptide-MHC-based nanomedicinesSokke Umeshappa, Channakeshava; Singha, Santiswarup; López Blanco, José Manuel; Shao, Kun; Hebbandi Nanjundappa1, Roopa; Yamanouchi, Jun; Parés Darnaculleta, Albert; Serra, Pau; Yang, Yang; Santamaria, Pere