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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2023Disrupted homeostasis and ciliary defects in VPS13B deficient cells: implications for Cohen syndromeLovera Ulecia, Marta
5-Jul-2016Dissecting the function of γTuRC subunits in microtubule nucleation and organizationRamírez Cota, Rosa María
20-Jul-2021From tip to toe - dressing centrioles in gamma TuRCSchweizer, Nina; Lüders, Jens
14-Dec-2021Molecular analysis of MTOC assembly - the role of ninein-like proteinPaz Domínguez, Joel
13-Jul-2016Non-centrosomal nucleation mediated by augmin organizes microtubules in post-mitotic neurons and controls axonal microtubule polaritySánchez Huerta, Carlos; Freixo, Francisco; Viais, Ricardo; Lacasa Salavert, Cristina; Soriano García, Eduardo; Lüders, Jens
20-Oct-2016Novel roles for the mitotic kinase Nek7 in hippocampal neuronsAvó Freixo, Francisco Duque Projecto
25-Jun-2021The ciliary impact of nonciliary gene mutationsLovera, Marta; Lüders, Jens
13-Sep-2010The gammaTuRC revisited: A comparative analysis of interphase and mitotic human gammaTuRC redefines the set of core components and identifies the novel subunit GCP8Teixidó i Travesa, Neus; Villén, Judit; Lacasa Salavert, Cristina; Bertran, Maria Teresa; Archinti, Marco; Gygi, Steven P.; Caelles Franch, Carme; Roig Amorós, Joan; Lüders, Jens
1-Jun-2012The Oncoprotein BCL11A Binds to Orphan Nuclear Receptor TLX and Potentiates its Transrepressive FunctionEstruch, Sara B.; Buzón Redorta, Víctor; Carbó, Laia R.; Schorova, Lenka; Lüders, Jens; Estébanez Perpiñá, Eva
27-Jun-2019The role of GCP8 in microtubule nucleation and cell cicle progressionEzquerra González, Artur
13-Dec-2019The Role of Microtubule nucleation during neural developmentVais, Ricardo Silva dos Santos