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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2021Linking Behavior, Co-infection Patterns, and Viral Infection Risk With the Whole Gastrointestinal Helminth Community Structure in Mastomys natalensisVanden Broecke, Bram; Bernaerts, Lisse; Ribas Salvador, Alexis; Sluydts, Vincent; Mnyone, Ladslaus; Matthysen, Erik; Leirs, Herwig
13-Feb-2018VKORC1 mutation in European populations of Rattus norvegicus with first data for Italy and the report of a new amino acid substitution.Iacucci, Angela; Colangelo, Paolo; Gamberi, Viviana; Mori, Emiliano; Capizzi, Dario; Baert, Kristof; Esther, Aalexandra; Leirs, Herwig; Petit, Thierry; Ribas Salvador, Alexis; Aloise, Gaetano; Annesi, Flavia; Castiglia, Riccardo