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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2020Involvement of Polyamines in PAMP-triggered Immunity and Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). Extragenic Suppressors of Immune Hybrid IncompatibilityLiu, Changxin
Jul-2018NLR Mutations Suppressing Immune Hybrid Incompatibility and Their Effects on Disease ResistanceAtanasov, Kostadin Evgeniev; Liu, Changxin; Erban, Alexander; Kopka, Joachim; Parker, Jane E.; Alcázar Hernández, Rubén
14-Sep-2020Putrescine elicits ROS-dependent activation of the salicylic acid pathway in Arabidopsis thalianaLiu, Changxin; Atanasov, Kostadin Evgeniev; Arafaty, Nazanin; Murillo, Ester; Tiburcio, Antonio F.; Zeier, Jürgen; Alcázar Hernández, Rubén
16-Jul-2019The Polyamine Putrescine Contributes to H2O2 and RbohD/F-Dependent Positive Feedback Loop in Arabidopsis PAMP-Triggered ImmunityLiu, Changxin; Atanasov, Kostadin Evgeniev; Fernández Tiburcio, Antonio; Alcázar Hernández, Rubén