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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021A Consensus-Based Checklist for Reporting of Survey Studies (CROSS) / [28 autors]Sharma, Akash S; Tran, Minh Duc Nguyen; Thang, Tai Luu Lam; Lozano, Sergi
Jan-2021A manifesto for palaeodemography in the twenty-first centuryFrench, Jennifer C.; Riris, Philip; Fernández López de Pablo, Javier; Lozano, Sergi; Silva, Fabio
Aug-2020A multilevel analytical framework for studying cultural evolution in prehistoric hunter-gatherer societiesRomano, Valéria; Lozano, Sergi; Fernández López de Pablo, Javier
2009An investment social network beside the Banco de Barcelona, an unusual case?Soler, Raimon; Blasco-Martel, Yolanda; Badia-Miró, Marc; Lozano, Sergi
1-Oct-2022Ashley Lemke. 2022. The architecture of hunting: the built environment of hunter-gatherers and its impact on mobility, property, leadership, and labor. Texas: A&M University Press; 978-1-62349-922-8 [Ressenya de llibre]Lozano, Sergi
Jan-2010Centrality and investment strategies at the beginning of industrialisation in mid-nineteenth-century CataloniaBadia-Miró, Marc; Blasco-Martel, Yolanda; Lozano, Sergi; Soler, Raimon
3-Apr-2020Comparing spatial networks: A one-size-fits-all efficiency-driven approachMorer, Ignacio; Cardillo, Alessio; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Prignano, Luce; Lozano, Sergi
2017Coordinated Decisions and Unbalanced Power. How Latin Cities Shaped Their Terrestrial Transportation NetworkFulminante, Francesca; Prignano, Luce; Morer, Ignacio; Lozano, Sergi
2017Iberian Neolithic Networks: The Rise and Fall of the Cardial WorldBernabeu Aubán, Joan; Lozano, Sergi; Pardo-Gordó, Salvador
Mar-2021Identifying tourism destinations from tourists' travel patternsPaulino, Isabel; Lozano, Sergi; Prats, Lluís
Jan-2021Measuring institutional thickness in tourism: An empirical application based on social network analysisRestrepo, Natalia; Lozano, Sergi; Anton-Clavé, Salvador
May-2019Modelling terrestrial route networks to understand inter-polity interactions (southern Etruria, 950-500 BC)Prignano, Luce; Morer, Ignacio; Fulminante, Francesca; Lozano, Sergi
17-Aug-2022Reconstructing Mesolithic social networks on the Iberian Peninsula using ornamentsCucart-Mora, Carolina; Gómez-Puche, Magdalena; Romano, Valéria; Fernández López de Pablo, Javier; Lozano, Sergi
2022Reconstructing social networks of Late Glacial and Holocene hunter-gatherers to understand cultural evolutionRomano, Valéria; Lozano, Sergi; Fernández-López de Pablo, Javier
3-Oct-2013Redes sociales y negocios. La red de inversión del Banco de Barcelona en la economía catalana a mediados del siglo XIXBadia-Miró, Marc; Blasco-Martel, Yolanda; Lozano, Sergi; Soler, Raimon
3-Jul-2012Role of network topology in the synchronization of power systemsLozano, Sergi; Buzna, Lubos; Díaz Guilera, Albert
1-Aug-2022Understanding hunter-gatherer cultural evolution needs network thinkingFernández-López de Pablo, Javier; Romano, Valeria; Derex, Maxime; Gjesfjeld, Erik; Gravel-Miguel, Claudine; Hamilton, Marcus J.; Migliano, Andrea Bamberg; Riede, Felix; Lozano, Sergi