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13-Apr-2018Generation and Reactions of an Octacyclic Hindered Pyramidalized AlkeneCamps García, Pelayo; Lozano Mena, David; Barbaraci, C.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Luque Garriga, F. Xavier; Estarellas, Carolina
25-Jul-2012On the Reaction of 1,3-Diphenylisobenzofuran and (2-Iodoethynyl)(phenyl)iodonium Triflate. A Unique Case of Oxygen Transfer from the Diels-Alder Adduct to the DieneCamps García, Pelayo; Gómez Nadal, Tània; Lozano Mena, David; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
10-Jul-2017Síntesi de nous compostos policíclics com a possibles precursors d’alquens piramidalitzatsLozano Mena, David
27-Mar-2017Straightforward synthesis of a vicinal double bridgehead iodo trimethylsilyl octacycle: unprecedented lack of reactivity of the silyl group in front of fluoride anions.Camps García, Pelayo; Lozano Mena, David; Guitián, E.; Peña, D.; Pérez, D.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Llamas-Saíz, A.L.
22-Jun-2015Synthesis of polycycles by single or double domino nucleophilic substitution. Diels-Alder reactionCamps García, Pelayo; Lozano Mena, David; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes