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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2020Alterations in the glycan profile of mouse transferrin: new insights in collagen-​induced arthritisMancera Arteu, Montserrat; Giménez López, Estela; Sancho, Jaime; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria
15-Jan-2020Analysis of glycopeptide biomarkers by on-line TiO2 solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometryMancera Arteu, Montserrat; Lleshi, Nejsi; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria; Giménez López, Estela; Benavente Moreno, Fernando J. (Julián)
22-Feb-2022Characterizing a novel hyposialylated erythropoietin by intact glycoprotein and glycan analysisGarcía-Artalejo, Judey A.; Mancera Arteu, Montserrat; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria; Rodríguez, Teresita; Giménez López, Estela
19-Sep-2022Determination of Sialic Acid Isomers from Released N-Glycans Using Ion Mobility SpectrometryManz, Christian; Mancera Arteu, Montserrat; Zappe, Andreas; Hanozin, Emeline; Polewski, Lukasz; Giménez López, Estela; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria; Pagel, Kevin
Dec-2021Glicoproteínas biomarcadoras de cáncer: un reto analítico actualGiménez López, Estela; Mancera Arteu, Montserrat; Pont Villanueva, Laura; Barbosa Torralbo, José; Benavente Moreno, Fernando J. (Julián); Sanz Nebot, María Victoria
2019Multivariate data analysis for the detection of human alpha-acid glycoprotein aberrant glycosylation in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaMancera Arteu, Montserrat; Giménez López, Estela; Balmaña, Meritxell; Barrabés, Silvia; Albiol-Quer, Maite; Fort, Esther; Peracaula, Rosa; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria
17-Oct-2022On-line solid-phase extraction to enhance sensitivity in peptide biomarker analysis by microseparation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry: capillary liquid chromatography versus capillary electrophoresisEl Ouahabi, Oumaima; Mancera Arteu, Montserrat; Pont Villanueva, Laura; Giménez López, Estela; Sanz Nebot, María Victoria; Benavente Moreno, Fernando J. (Julián)
11-Dec-2020Separación y caracterización de glicopéptidos y glicanos en fluidos biológicos. Aplicación al diagnóstico del cáncer y otras patologíasMancera Arteu, Montserrat