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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2020Agrarian transformations, climate change and energy. A study of the impact of 17th and 18th century climate change on the Agricultural Revolution and the onset of economic growth in EnglandMartínez González, José Luis
7-Jan-2020Assessing climate impacts on English economic growth (1645-1740): an econometric approachMartínez González, José Luis; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi; Jover i Avellà, Gabriel; Martín Vide, Javier; Barriendos i Vallvé, Mariano; Tello, Enric
Dec-2019Building an annual series of English wheat production in an intriguing era (1645-1761): methodology, challenges and resultsMartínez González, José Luis; Jover i Avellà, Gabriel; Tello, Enric
2014El Mínimo de Maunder en la Revolución Agraria Inglesa (1645-1715)Martínez González, José Luis
2017The Onset of the English Agricultural Revolution: Climate Factors and Soil NutrientsTello, Enric; Martínez González, José Luis; Jover i Avellà, Gabriel; Olarieta, José Ramón; García-Ruiz, Roberto; González de Molina, Manuel; Badia-Miró, Marc; Winiwarter, Verena; Koepke, Nikola