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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2022Re-programming mouse liver-resident invariant natural killer T cells for suppressing hepatic and diabetogenic autoimmunityUmeshappa, Channakeshava Sokke; Solé, Patricia; Yamanouchi, Jun; Mohapatra, Saswat; Surewaard, Bas G. J.; Garnica Caparrós, Josep; Singha, Santiswarup; Mondal, Debajyoti; Cortés Vicente, Elena; D'Mello, Charlotte; Mason, Andrew; Kubes, Paul; Serra, Pau; Yang, Yang; Santamaria, Pere
1-Mar-2022Six Ways Population Change Will Affect the Global Economy / Members of NTA NetworkMason, Andrew; Lee, Ronald; Patxot, Concepció
3-Apr-2019The Prevalence of Anti-Hexokinase-1 and Anti-Kelch-Like 12 Peptide Antibodies in Patients With Primary Biliary Cholangitis Is Similar in Europe and North America: A Large International, Multi-Center Study.Norman, Gary L.; Reig, Anna; Viñas, Odette; Mahler, Michael; Wunsch, Ewa; Milkiewicz, Piotr; Swain, Mark G.; Mason, Andrew; Stinton, Laura M.; Aparicio, Maria Belen; Aldegunde, Maria Jose; Fritzler, Marvin J.; Parés Darnaculleta, Albert