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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2022A comparison between the clinical frailty scale and the hospital frailty risk score to risk stratify older people with emergency care needsAlshibani, Abdullah; Coats, Tim; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Lecky, Fiona; Banerjee, Jay; Conroy, Simon
1-Oct-2022Assessing The Dangers Of A Hospital Stay For Patients With Developmental Disability In England, 2017-19Friebel, Rocco; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia
1-Dec-2021Comparing the dangers of a stay in English and German hospitals for high-need patientsFriebel, Rocco; Henschke, Cornelia; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia
1-May-2022Convergence and determinants of young people not in employment, education or training: An European regional analysisMaynou Pujolràs, Laia; Ordóñez, Javier; Silva Becerra, José Ignacio
6-Jul-2023Did the Acute Frailty Network improve outcomes for older people living with frailty? A staggered difference-in-difference panel event studyStreet, Andrew; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Conroy, Simon
24-Apr-2023Divergent COVID-19 vaccine policies: Policy mapping of ten European countriesVan Kessel, Robin; Forman, Rebecca; Milstein, Ricarda; Mastylak, Alicja; Czabanowska, Katarzyna; Czypionka, Thomas; Durand-Zaleski, Isabelle; Hirche, Anja; Krysinska-Pisarek, Magdalena; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Roberts, Bjelle; Torbica, Aleksandra; Vrangbæk, Karsten; Wang, Yuxi; Wouters, Olivier J.; Mossialos, Elias
18-Jul-2022Emergency contracting and the delivery of elective care services across the English National Health Service and independent sector during COVID-19: a descriptive analysisFriebel, Rocco; Fistein, Jon; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Anderson, Michael
Jan-2023Evaluation of the NHS England evidence-based interventions programme: a difference-in-difference analysisAnderson, Michael; Molloy, Aoife; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Kyriopoulos, Ilias; McGuire, Alistair; Mossialos, Elias
23-Jan-2023Examining the effect of interventions in emergency care for older people using a system dynamics decision support toolEngland, Tracey; Brailsford, Sally; Evenden, Dave; Street, Andrew; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Mason, Suzanne M.; Preston, Louise; Burton, Christopher; Van Oppen, James; Conroy, Simon
1-Mar-2023Factors associated with longer wait times, admission and reattendances in older patients attending emergency departments. An analysis of linked healthcare dataMaynou Pujolràs, Laia; Street, Andrew; Burton, Christopher; Mason, Suzanne M.; Stone, Tony; Martin, Graham; Van Oppen, James; Conroy, Simon
1-Jun-2023Living longer in declining health: factors driving health care costs among older people.Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Street, Andrew; García-Altés, Anna
13-Sep-2023Nurses are seen as general cargo, not the smart TVs you ship carefully: The politics of nurse staffing in England, Spain, Sweden, and the NetherlandsWallenburg, Iris; Friebel, Rocco; Winblad, Ulrika; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Bal, Roland
1-Apr-2022Opioid abuse and austerity: Evidence on health service use and mortality in EnglandFriebel, Rocco; Yoo, Katelyn Jison; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia
1-Dec-2021Patterns of adoption of robotic radical prostatectomy in the United States and EnglandMaynou Pujolràs, Laia; Mehtsun, Winta T; Serra-Sastre, Victoria; Papanicolas, Irene
1-Jul-2023Performance-based research funding: Evidence from the largest natural experiment worldwideBanal Estañol, Albert; Jofre-Bonet, Mireia; Iori, Giulia; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia; Tumminello, Michele; Vassallo, Pietro
1-Oct-2022The association between frailty risk and COVID-19-associated all-mortality in hospitalised older people: a national cohort studyMaynou Pujolràs, Laia; Owen, Rhiannon; Konstant-Hambling, Rob; Imam, Towhid; Arkill, Suzanne; Bertfield, Deborah; Street, Andrew; Abrams, Keith R; Conroy, Simon
1-Apr-2022The diffusion of robotic surgery: Examining technology use in the English NHSMaynou Pujolràs, Laia; Pearson, Georgia; McGuire, Alistair; Serra-Sastre, Victoria
1-May-2022Trends and characteristics of hospitalisations from the harmful use of opioids in England between 2008 and 2018: Population-based retrospective cohort studyFriebel, Rocco; Maynou Pujolràs, Laia