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18-Oct-2019Development of a multiplex real-time PCR surveillance assay for monitoring the health status of Ecuadorian amphibians at risk of extinctionBurgos, Germán; Narváez-Narváez, David; Freire-Paspuel, Byron; Merino-Viteri, Andrés; Muslin, Claire; Genoy-Puerto, Alexander
5-Apr-2022Elevational and local climate variability predicts thermal breadth of mountain tropical tadpolesPintanel, Pol; Tejedo, Miguel; Merino-Viteri, Andrés; Almeida-Reinoso, Freddy; Salinas-Ivanenko, Sofia; López-Rosero, Andrea C.; Llorente, Gustavo A.; Gutiérrez-Pesquera, Luis M.