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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2021Amplitude death and restoration in networks of oscillators with random-walk diffusionClusella, Pau; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Pastor Satorras, Romualdo
Jul-2021Coexistence of species in complex ecological communitiesTaberner Cortell, Marçal
Jan-2020Collective decision-making in an agent-based model: Nest-site choice by honeybees swarmsFont Massot, Narcís
Jun-2017Collective phenomena in social animal dynamicsMasip Altimiras, Marc
Jun-2018Cooperative dynamics of active heterogeneous systemsFalip i Garcia, Oriol
13-Oct-2015Deformation and failure of curved colloidal crystal shellsNegri, Carlotta; Sellerio, Allesandro L.; Zapperi, Stefano; Miguel López, María del Carmen
9-Mar-2009Depinning and critical current characteristics of topologically defected vortex latticesMoretti, Paolo; Miguel López, María del Carmen
2004Depinning transition of dislocation assemblies: Pileups and low-angle grain boundariesMoretti, Paolo; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Zaiser, Michael; Zapperi, Stefano
2002Dislocation jamming and Andrade creepMiguel López, María del Carmen; Vespignani, Alessandro, 1965-; Zaiser, Michael; Zapperi, Stefano
Jan-2014Disorder-Induced Critical Phenomena in the 2-D Random Field Ising ModelOrtiz Castillo, Elisenda
6-Oct-1985Dynamic Properties of Magnetic Colloidal Particles and HolesMiguel López, María del Carmen
2010Dynamical correlations near dislocation jammingLaurson, Lasse; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Alava, Mikko J.
Jul-2021Dynamics of emerging functional shifts in cooperative systemsSastre Jachimska, Cristina
Jun-2020Effects of heterogeneity in the consensus decision-making of a honeybee nest-site selection modelBruera, Renzo
8-Feb-2018Effects of heterogeneous social interactions on flocking dynamicsMiguel López, María del Carmen; Parley, Jack T.; Pastor-Satorras, R. (Romualdo), 1967-
2000Elasticity and melting of vortex crystals in anisotropic superconductors: Beyond the continuum regime.Miguel López, María del Carmen; Kardar, M.
Jun-2022An evolutionary theory model using Lotka−Volterra equationsGarcés Ortiz, Adrià
2005Grain boundaries in vortex matterMoretti, Paolo; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Zapperi, Stefano
2004Growth of a vortex polycrystal in type II superconductorsMoretti, Paolo; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Zaiser, Michael; Zapperi, Stefano
17-Dec-2009Irreversible flow of vortex matter: polycrystal and amorphous phasesMoretti, Paolo; Miguel López, María del Carmen