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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2020Do the clinical criteria used to diagnose periodontitis affect the association with prematurity?Moncunill i Mira, Jordi; Brunet i Llobet, Lluís; Cuadras, Daniel; Lorente-Colomé, Núria; Pascal, Rosalia; Rovira, Carlota; Nadal Serra, Alfons; Miranda i Rius, Jaume
20-Nov-2020La malaltia periodontal en gestants associada al part pretermeMoncunill i Mira, Jordi
2021Microbial profile of placentas from Tanzanian mothers with adverse pregnancy outcomes and periodontitisMiranda i Rius, Jaume; Brunet i Llobet, Lluís; Blanc, Vanessa; Álvarez, Gerard; Moncunill i Mira, Jordi; Mashala, Elias I; Kasebele, Yona; Masenga, Gileard; Nadal Serra, Alfons; León, Rubén