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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jun-2020Building Diverse, Distributive, and Territorialized Agrifood Economies to Deliver Sustainability and Food SecurityMoragues-Faus, Ana; Marsden, Terry; Adlerova, Barbora; Hausmanova, Tereza
13-May-2020Distributive food systems to build just and liveable futuresMoragues-Faus, Ana
Mar-2020Integrated food systems governance: Scaling equitable and transformative food initiatives through scholaractivist engagementHammelman, Colleen; Levkoe, Charles Z.; Agyeman, Julian; Kharod, Sanjay; Moragues-Faus, Ana; Muñoz, Elisa; Oliva, Jose; Wilson, Amanda
1-Aug-2021The emergence of city food networks: Rescaling the impact of urban food policiesMoragues-Faus, Ana
Mar-2020Towards a critical governance framework: Unveiling the political and justice dimensions of urban food partnershipsMoragues-Faus, Ana
1-Aug-2021Urban food policies for a sustainable and just future: Concepts and tools for a renewed agendaMoragues-Faus, Ana; Battersby, Jane