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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2018Assessing the effects of hydrological and chemical stressors on macroinvertebrate community in an Alpine river: the Adige river as a case studyGiulivo, Monica; Stella, Elisa; Capri, Ettore; Esnaola, Amaiur; López de Alda, Miren; Diaz Crua, Silvia; Mandaric, Ladislav; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Bellin, Alberto
21-Apr-2016Biochemical quality of basal resources in a forested stream: effects of nutrient enrichmentSanpera Calbet, Isis; Ylla, Irene; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Sabater, Sergi; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
5-Feb-2016Biology and population ecology of uncultured Archaea in natural environments analyzed by taxon-specific molecular markers = Biología y ecología poblacional de Archaeas no cultivadas en ambientes naturales analizadas mediante marcadores moleculares específicosRestrepo Ortiz, Claudia Ximena
1-Apr-2017Bottom-up effects of streambed drying on consumer performance through changes in resource qualityMas Martí, Esther; Sanpera Calbet, Isis; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
6-Jan-2010Bridging levels of pharmaceuticals in river water with biological community structure in the Llobregat river basin (NE Spain)Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; López-Doval, Julio C.; Ricart, Marta; Villagrasa, Marta; Brix, Rikke; Geiszinger, Anita; Ginebreda, Antoni; Guasch i Padró, Helena; López de Alda, M. José; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Sabater, Sergi; Barceló i Cullerés, Damià
14-Nov-2014Climate-induced changes in headwater streams: Effects of warming and drought on resource-consumer trophic interactionsMas Martí, Esther
28-Jul-2015Connecting biodiversity and biogeochemical role by microbial metagenomicsLlorens Marès, Tomàs
4-Mar-2015Consequences of warming and resource quality on the stoichiometry and nutrient cycling of a stream shredderMas Martí, Esther; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
1-Dec-2021Contrary effects of flow intermittence and land uses on organic matter decomposition in a Mediterranean river basinViza, Aida; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Oliva Cuyàs, Francesc; Menéndez López, Margarita
18-Nov-2008Contribution of microbial and invertebrate communities to leaf litter colonization in a Mediterranean streamGaudes Saez, Ainhoa; Artigas Alejo, Joan; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Sabater, Sergi; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
28-Dec-2017Dam regulation and riverine food-web sructure in a Mediterraenan riverMor, Jordi-René; Ruhí i Vidal, Albert; Tornés, Elisabet; Valcárcel, Héctor; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Sabater, Sergi
2-Sep-2021Diversity mediates the responses of invertebrate density to duration and frequency of rivers annual drying regimeArias-Real, Rebeca; Gutiérrez-Cánovas, Cayetano; Menéndez López, Margarita; Granados, Verónica; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
May-2010Does grazing pressure modify diuron toxicity in a biofilm community?López-Doval, Julio C.; Ricart, Marta; Guasch i Padró, Helena; Sabater, Sergi; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
13-Mar-2018Does the severity of non-flow period influence ecosystem structure and function of temporary streams? A mesocosm studyMuñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Abril Cuevas, Meritxell; Casas Ruiz, Joan Pere; Casellas, Maria; Gómez Gener, Lluís; Marcé Romero, Rafael; Menéndez López, Margarita; Obrador Sala, Biel; Sabater, Sergi; von Schiller, Daniel; Acuña, Vicenç
31-May-2017Drought effects on resource quality in a Mediterranean stream: fatty acids and sterols as indicatorsSanpera Calbet, Isis; Ylla, I.; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Sabater, Sergi; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
5-Aug-2022Drying niches of aquatic macroinvertebrates identify potential biomonitoring indicators in intermittent and ephemeral streamsArias-Real, Rebeca; Gutiérrez-Cánovas, Cayetano; Menéndez López, Margarita; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel
6-Jul-2020Effects of frequency and duration of flow intermittence on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: insights form Mediterranean streamsArias del Real, Rebeca
30-Jul-2018Effects of human-driven water stress on river ecosystems: a meta-analysisSabater, Sergi; Bregoli, Francesco; Acuña, V. (Vicenç); Barcelo, Damia; Elosegi, Arturo, 1962-; Ginebreda, Antoni; Marce, Rafael; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Sabater-Liesa, Laia; Ferreira, Verónica
1-Dec-2000Effects of riparian vegetation removal on nutrient retention in a Mediterranean streamSabater i Comas, Francesc; Butturini, Andrea; Martí Roca, Eugènia; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Romaní i Cornet, Anna M.; Wray, Joanne; Sabater, Sergi
2015Effects of water flow regulation on ecosystem functioning in a Mediterranean river network assessed by wood decompositionAbril Cuevas, Meritxell; Muñoz Gràcia, Isabel; Casas Ruiz, Joan Pere; Gómez Gener, Lluís; Barceló, Milagros; Oliva Cuyàs, Francesc; Menéndez López, Margarita