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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2010Age and other variables affecting rate of learning in adult foreign languageArtieda Gutiérrez, Gemma
4-Nov-2005Age-related effects on the acquisition of a foreign language phonology in a formal settingFullana, Natalia
18-May-2021Audio-visual input for learning L2 vocabulary and grammatical constructionsMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Pujadas Jorba, Geòrgia; Pattemore, Anastasia
2004L'avançament de la introducció de la llengua estrangera: una fugida cap enrere?Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
Jul-2020Boys like games and girls like movies. Age and gender differences in out-of-school contact with EnglishMuñoz Lahoz, Carme
4-Aug-2009CLIL in SpainMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Navés, Teresa
2010Differences in attainment and performance in a foreign language: the role of working memory capacityGilabert Guerrero, Roger; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
Dec-2018Different starting points for early foreign language learning: A comparative study with Danish and Spanish young learners of EnglishMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Cadierno, Teresa; Casas, Isabel
2011The effects of aptitude and motivation on the acquisition of EFL in young learnersRosa González, David
29-Jun-2021The Effects of Regular and Enhanced Captions on Incidental Vocabulary AcquisitionFinger-Bou, Rebeca
18-Feb-2016Elements clau en la direcció de tesisMuñoz Lahoz, Carme
2007En torno a los efectos de la edad en el aprendizaje escolar de una lengua extrangeraMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Pérez Vidal, Carmen; Celaya Villanueva, Ma. Luz (María Luz), 1962-; Navés, Teresa; Torres, Ma. Rosa; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; Victori, Mia
2015English Language Learníng beyond the Classroom WallsIvars Olmedo, Mercedes
2020Examining adolescent EFL learners' TV viewing comprehension through captions and subtitlesPujadas Jorba, Geòrgia; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
8-Aug-2020Exploring L2 TV preferences and perceptions: Feeling of learning and viewing modePattemore, Anastasia; Suárez, Maria del Mar; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
1-Jan-2019Extensive viewing of captioned and subtitled TV series: a study of L2 vocabulary learning adolescentsPujadas Jorba, Geòrgia; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
17-Jan-2014Individual differences in adult learners of english as a foreign language at two levels of proficiencyArtieda Gutiérrez, Gemma
29-Feb-2008The Influence of Age on Vocabulary Acquisition in EFLMiralpeix Pujol, Immaculada
2-Aug-2020Informal grammar learning from OV TV series: Captioning mode, watching strategies, and feeling of learningPattemore, Anastasia; Suárez, Maria del Mar; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
Jul-2017Intentional and incidental learning of english grammar through captioned video exposurePlotnikova, Anastasiia