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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2017A two-question tool to assess the risk of repeated falls in the elderlyRodríguez-Molinero, Alejandro; Gálvez-Barrón, César; Narvaiza, Leire; Miñarro Alonso, Antonio; Ruiz, Jorge; Valldosera, Esther; Gonzalo León, Natalia; Ng, Thalia; Sanguino, María Jesús; Yuste, Antonio
4-Sep-2018Normal limits of home measured spatial gait parameters of the elderly population and their association with health variablesHerrero-Larrea, Alexandra; Miñarro Alonso, Antonio; Narvaiza, Leire; Gálvez-Barrón, César; León, N.; Valldosera, Esther; Felipe, Elisabet; Valverde, Rosa Ana; Kruse, Liane; Sabater, Joan Bosch; Rodríguez-Molinero, Alejandro
14-Jan-2020Pain and recurrent falls in the older and oldest-old non-institutionalized populationGálvez-Barrón, César; Formiga Pérez, Francesc; Miñarro Alonso, Antonio; Macho, Oscar; Narvaiza, Leire; Dapena, María Dolores; Pujol, Ramon; Rodríguez-Molinero, Alejandro
19-Jun-2019The Spatial parameters of gait and their association with falls, functional decline and death in older adults: a prospective studyRodríguez-Molinero, Alejandro; Herrero-Larrea, Alexandra; Miñarro Alonso, Antonio; Narvaiza, Leire; Gálvez-Barrón, César; Gonzalo León, Natalia; Valldosera, Esther; de Mingo, Eva; Macho, Oscar; Aivar, David; Pinzón, Efren; Alba, Adilis; Passarelli, Jorge; Stasi, Nadia; Valverde, Rosa Ana; Kruse, Liane; Felipe, Elisabet; Collado, Isabel; Sabater, Joan Bosch