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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2018Evaluation of the adhesion and performance of natural consolidants for cotton canvas conservationBridarolli, Alexandra; Odlyha, Marianne; Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr; Holmberg, Krister; Ruiz Recasens, Cristina; Bordes, Romain; Bozec, Laurent
12-Sep-2013Looking beneath Dalí's paint: non-destructive canvas analysisOriola Folch, Marta; Mozir, Alenka; Garside, Paul; Campo, Gema; Nualart i Torroja, Anna; Civil, Irene; Odlyha, Marianne; Cassar, May; Strlic, Matija
11-Sep-2018Nanocellulose-based materials for the reinforcement of modern canvas-supported paintingsBridarolli, Alexandra; Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr; Odlyha, Marianne; Oriola Folch, Marta; Bordes, Romain; Holmberg, Krister; Anders, Manfred; Chevalier, Aurelia; Bozec, Laurent
9-Apr-2018On the potential of using nanocellulose for consolidation of painting canvasesNechyporchuk, Oleksandr; Kolman, Krzysztof; Bridarolli, Alexandra; Odlyha, Marianne; Bozec, Laurent; Oriola Folch, Marta; Campo, Gema; Persson, Michael; Holmberg, Krister, 1946-; Bordes, Romain
3-Jun-2020Systematic mechanical assessment of consolidants for canvas reinforcement under controlled environment.Bridarolli, A.; Nualart i Torroja, Anna; Chevalier, A.; Odlyha, Marianne; Bozec, L.