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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2017Development of green/red-absorbing chromophores based on a coumarin scaffold that are useful as caging groupsGandioso, Albert; Contreras, Sara; Melnyk, Ivanna; Oliva, Javier; Nonell, Santi; Velasco Castrillo, Dolores; Garcia Amorós, Jaume; Marchán Sancho, Vicente
31-May-2020Liberation characteristics of Ta-Sn ores from Penouta, NW SpainAlfonso Abella, María Pura; Ahmad Hamid, Sarbast; Anticoi, Hernan; Garcia Vallès, Maite; Oliva, Javier; Tomasa, Oriol; López Moro, Francisco Javier; Bascompta, Marc; Llorens, Teresa; Castro, David; García Polonio, Francisco
24-May-2018Textural and mineral-chemistry constraints on columbite group minerals in the Penouta deposit: evidence from magmatic and fluid-related processes.Alfonso Abella, María Pura; Hamid, Sarbast Ahmad; Garcia Vallès, Maite; Llorens, Teresa; López Moro, Francisco Javier; Tomasa, O.; Calvo, D.; Guasch, E.; Anticoi, Hernan; Oliva, Javier; Parcerisa i Duocastella, David; García Polonio, F.