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1-Mar-2022Analysis of the circRNA and T-UCR populations identifies convergent pathways in mouse and human models of Rett syndromeSiqueira, Edilene; Obiols Guardia, Aida; Jorge Torres, Olga C.; Oliveira Mateos, Cristina; Soler, Marta; Ramesh-Kumar, Deepthi; Setién, Fernando; Rossum, Daniëlle van; Pascual Alonso, Ainhoa; Xiol Viñas, Clara; Ivan, Cristina; Shimizu, Masayoshi; Armstrong, Judith; Calin, George A.; Pasterkamp, R. Jeroen; Esteller, Manel; Guil, Sonia
16-Jun-2020Epigenetic regulation mediated by antisense non-coding RNAs and its impact on oncogenic pathways: the HMGA2/RPSAP52 locusOliveira Mateos, Cristina