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15-Mar-2016A literature review and case report of hand, foot and mouth disease in an immunocompetent adultOmaña-Cepeda, Carlos; Martínez-Valverde, Andrea; Sabater Recolons, Ma. del Mar; Jané Salas, Enric; Marí Roig, Antonio; López López, José, 1958-
Feb-2016Effectiveness of dentist's intervention in smoking cessation: a reviewOmaña-Cepeda, Carlos; Jané Salas, Enric; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; Chimenos Küstner, Eduardo; López López, José, 1958-
1-Nov-2020Survival of dental implants in oncology patients versus non-oncology patients: a 5-year retrospective studyFrança-Vieira da Silva, Isadora; Omaña-Cepeda, Carlos; Marí Roig, Antonio; López López, José, 1958-; Jané Salas, Enric