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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Analyzing data from single-case alternating treatments designsManolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick
1-Nov-2021Assessing Consistency in Single-Case Alternation DesignsManolov, Rumen; Tanious, René; De, Tamal Kumar; Onghena, Patrick
8-Jul-2010Data-division-specific robustness and power of randomization tests for ABAB designsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Bulté, Isis; Onghena, Patrick
Nov-2022Defining and assessing immediacy in single-case experimental designsManolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick
2010Estimating slope and level change in N=1 designsSolanas Pérez, Antonio; Manolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick
13-May-2021Quantitative techniques and graphical representations for interpreting results from alternating treatment designManolov, Rumen; Tanious, René; Onghena, Patrick
1-Jul-2021The assessment of consistency in single-case experiments: Beyond A-B-A-B designsTanious, René; Manolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick