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15-Jun-2012QuEChERS methodologies as an alternative to solid phase extraction (SPE) for the determination and characterisation of residues of cephalosporins in beef muscle using LC-MS/MSPérez-Burgos, Rafael; Grzelak, Edyta; Gokce, Gultekin; Saurina, Javier; Barbosa Torralbo, José; Barrón Bueno, Dolores
2010Residues of b-lactams and quinolones in tissues and milk samples. Confirmatory analysis by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryJunza Martínez, Alexandra; Amatya, Rameshwari; Pérez-Burgos, Rafael; Gokce, Gultekin; Grzelak, Edyta; Barrón Bueno, Dolores; Barbosa Torralbo, José