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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Detecting differential item functioning in behavioral indicators across parallel formsGómez Benito, Juana; González, Andrés; Widaman, Keith F.; Padilla, José Luis; Balluerka Lasa, Nekane
2010A productivity map of cognitive pretest methos for improving survey questionsCastillo Díaz, Miguel; Padilla, José Luis; Gómez Benito, Juana; Andrés, Ana
19-Nov-2020The Psychological Consequences of COVID-19 and Lockdown in the Spanish Population: An Exploratory Sequential DesignHidalgo Montesinos, María Dolores; Balluerka Lasa, Nekane; Gorostiaga, Arantxa; Espada Sánchez, José Pedro; Santed, Miguel Ángel; Padilla, José Luis; Gómez Benito, Juana