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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2022Differentiating Acute Interstitial Nephritis From Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors From Other CausesCasals, J.; Acosta, Y.; Caballero, G.; Morantes, L.; Zamora, C.; Xipell, Marc; Viladot, Margarita; Guillen, Elena; Piñeiro, Gaston Julio; Blasco Pelicano, Miquel; Marco, J.; Padrosa, Joan; Pereira, A.; Jhaveri, Kenar D.; Quintana Porras, Luis F.; García Herrera, Adriana
12-Nov-2020Prevalence of ethical dilemmas in advanced cancer patients (secondary analysis of the PALCOM study)Tuca Rodríguez, Albert; Viladot, Margarita; Barrera, Carmen; Chicote, Manoli; Casablancas, Irene; Cruz, Claudia Andrea; Font, Elena; Marco-Hernández, J; Padrosa, Joan; Pascual, Anais; Codorniu, Núria; Román Maestre, Begoña