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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2020Assessment of dead-end ultrafiltration for the detection and quantification of microbial indicators and pathogens in the drinking water treatment processesPascual Benito, Miriam; Emiliano, Pere; Casas-Mangas, Raquel; Dacal-Rodríguez, Cristina; Gracenea Zugarramurdi, Mercedes; Araujo Boira, Rosa Ma.; Valero, Fernando; García Aljaro, Cristina; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
17-Mar-2022Bacteriophages in sewage: abundance, roles and applicationsBallesté Pau, Elisenda; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; Muniesa Pérez, Ma. Teresa; García Aljaro, Cristina; Rodríguez-Rubio, Lorena; Martín Díaz, Julia; Pascual Benito, Miriam; Jofre i Torroella, Joan
31-May-2022Comparison of methods for the enumeration of coliphages in 100 mL water samplesPascual Benito, Miriam; Jorba-Plassa, Ariadna; Casas-Mangas, Raquel; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; Martín Díaz, Julia
1-Oct-2021crAssphage as a human molecular marker to evaluate temporal and spatial variability in faecal contamination of urban marine bathing watersSala Comorera, Laura; Reynolds, Liam J.; Martin, Niamh A.; Pascual Benito, Miriam; Stephens, Jayne H.; Nolan, Tristan M.; Gitto, Aurora; O'Hare, Gregory M. P.; O'Sullivan, John J.; García Aljaro, Cristina; Meijer, Wim G.
May-2019Dynamics of crAssphage as a human source tracking marker in potentially faecally polluted environmentsBallesté Pau, Elisenda; Pascual Benito, Miriam; Martín Díaz, Julia; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco; Muniesa Pérez, Ma. Teresa; Jofre i Torroella, Joan; García Aljaro, Cristina
12-Aug-2021Estos virus nos ayudan a detectar materia fecal y patógenos en el aguaBlanch, Anicet; Martín Díaz, Julia; Pascual Benito, Miriam
21-Jul-2020Impact of treated sewage effluent on the bacterial community composition in an intermittent mediterranean streamPascual Benito, Miriam; Ballesté Pau, Elisenda; Monleón Getino, Toni; Urmeneta, Jordi; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; García Aljaro, Cristina; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
1-Jan-2022Modeling human pollution in water bodies using somatic coliphages and bacteriophages that infect Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain GA17Méndez, Javier; García Aljaro, Cristina; Muniesa Pérez, Ma. Teresa; Pascual Benito, Miriam; Ballesté Pau, Elisenda; López, Pere; Monleón Getino, Toni; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; Lucena Gutiérrez, Fran
1-May-2020Modelling the seasonal impacts of a wastewater treatment plant on water quality in a Mediterranean stream using microbial indicatorsPascual Benito, Miriam; Nadal Sala, Daniel; Tobella, M.; Ballesté Pau, Elisenda; García Aljaro, Cristina; Sabaté i Jorba, Santi; Sabater i Comas, Francesc; Martí, E.; Blanch i Gisbert, Anicet; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
21-Sep-2020Nuevas herramientas para la gestión de los recursos hídricos y los riesgos microbiológicos asociadosPascual Benito, Miriam