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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Aberrant features of the Messinian coral reefs, SpainEsteban Cerdà, Mateu; Calvet, F. (Francesc); Dabrio, L.; Barón, A.; Giner, Josep (Giner Sánchez); Pomar i Gomà, Lluís; Salas, Ramon (Salas Roig); Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
1985Caracterización petrográfica de la materia orgánica en la Fm. Armáncies (Eoceno), Prepirineo CatalánGarcia Vallès, Maite; Prado, J.G.; Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
Dec-2014Characterization of asphaltic oil occurrences from the southeastern margin of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin, SpainMarín, P.; Márquez, Gemma; Gallego, J.L.; Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
2007Fifth-order cyclicity and organic matter contents relationship (Lower Eocene, Pyrenees)Calvet, F. (Francesc); Playà i Pous, Elisabet; Giménez Montsant, Jordi; Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
2007Foreword (2007)Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert; Salas, Ramon (Salas Roig)
Dec-2014Foreword: ALAGO Special Publication: Selected Contributions from the XIII CongressBaudino, Roger; Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
2007The impact of carbonate cements on the reservoir quaility in the Napo Fm sandstones (Cretaceous Oriente Basin, Ecuador)Estupiñan, J.; Marfil, R.; Delgado, A.; Permanyer i Bastardas, Albert
1-Dec-2016Organic-rich shales from internal Betic basins (SE Spain): potential source rocks analogs for the pre-Messinian Salt play in the western MediterraneanPermanyer i Bastardas, Albert; Jorge, R.; Baudino, Roger; Gibert Beotas, Lluís