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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2023A dataset of color QR codes generated using back-compatible and random colorization algorithms exposed to different illumination-capture channel conditionsBenito Altamirano, Ismael; Martínez Carpena, David; Casals, Olga; Fabrega, Cristian; Waag, Andreas; Prades García, Juan Daniel
12-Dec-2014A highly selective and self-powered gas sensor via organic surface functionalization of p-Si/n-ZnO diodesHoffmann, Martin W. G.; Mayrhofer, Leonhard; Casals Guillén, Olga; Caccamo, Lorenzo; Hernández Ramírez, Francisco; Lilienkamp, Gerhard; Daum, Winfried; Moseler, Michael; Waag, Andreas; Shen, Hao; Prades García, Juan Daniel
11-Sep-2015A low-cost approach to low-power gas sensors based on self-heating effects in large arrays of nanostructuresMonereo Cuscó, Oriol; Casals Guillén, Olga; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Cirera Hernández, Albert
6-May-2021A Novel Approach for a Chip-Sized Scanning Optical MicroscopeCanals Gil, Joan; Franch Masdeu, Nil; Moro Moreno, Victor; Moreno Martín, Sergio; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Romano Rodríguez, Albert; Bornemann, Steffen; Bezshlyakh, Daria; Waag, Andreas; Vogelbacher, Florian; Schrittwieser, Stefan; Kluczyk Korch, Kataryna; Auf der Maur, Matthias; Di Carlo, Aldo; Diéguez Barrientos, Àngel
19-Jan-2015A Novel Sensor Concept for Selective and Self-Powered Gas DetectionHoffmann, Martin W. G.
13-Feb-2019A parts per billion (ppb) sensor for NO2 with microwatt (μW) power requirements based on micro light platesCasals Guillén, Olga; Markiewicz, Nicolai; Fábrega, Cristian; Gràcia Tortadés, Isabel; Cané i Ballart, Carles; Wasisto, Hutomo Suryo; Waag, Andreas; Prades García, Juan Daniel
2-Oct-2017A review on efficient self-heating in nanowire sensors: Prospects for very-low power devicesFàbrega, Cristian; Casals Guillén, Olga; Hernández Ramírez, Francisco; Prades García, Juan Daniel
1-Nov-2012A transfer Hamiltonian approach for an arbitrary quantum dot array in the self-consistent field regimeIllera Robles, Sergio; García Castello, N.; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Cirera Hernández, Albert
25-Mar-2015A transfer Hamiltonian model for devices based on quantum dot arraysIllera Robles, Sergio; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Cirera Hernández, Albert; Cornet i Calveras, Albert
2006Ab initio study of NOx compounds adsorption on SnO2 surfacePrades García, Juan Daniel; Cirera Hernández, Albert; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Pruneda, J. Miguel; Ordejón, Pablo
18-May-2017ARC: an Alexa based suite of skills for residential care servicesPastor Almor, Josu
1-Sep-2021Artificial Intelligence-Enabled ECG Algorithm Based on Improved Residual Network for Wearable ECGLi, Hongqiang; An, Zhixuan; Zuo, Shasha; Zhu, Wei; Zhang, Zhen; Zhang, Shanshan; Zhang, Cheng; Song, Wenchao; Mao, Quanhua; Mu, Yuxin; Li, Enbang; Prades García, Juan Daniel
28-Apr-2014Atomistic study of structural and electronic transport properties of silicon quantum dots for optoelectronic applicationsGarcía Castelló, Núria
19-Apr-2022Automated color correction for colorimetric applications using barcodesBenito Altamirano, Ismael
Jan-2023Back-compatible Color QR Codes for colorimetric applicationsBenito Altamirano, Ismael; Martínez Carpena, David; Casals, Olga; Fàbrega Gallego, Cristian; Waag, Andreas; Prades García, Juan Daniel
26-Nov-2019Beyond solid-state lighting: Miniaturization, hybrid integration, and applications og GaN nano- and micro-LEDsWasisto, Hutomo Suryo; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Gülink, Jan; Waag, Andreas
22-Nov-2011Carpeta docent / Bienni 2009-2011 - J. Daniel Prades GarcíaPrades García, Juan Daniel
29-Dec-2016Charge Transfer Characteristics of n-type In0.1Ga0.9N Photoanode across Semiconductor-Liquid InterfaceCaccamo, Lorenzo; Fábrega, Cristian; Marschewski, Marcel; Fündling, Sönke; Gad, Alaaeldin; Casals Guillén, Olga; Lilienkamp, Gerhard; Hofft, Oliver; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Daum, Winfried; Waag, Andreas
27-Jun-2018Colorimetric analysis for biostrips using Python and OpenCVMorales Carrasco, Alicia
2-Jun-2017Colorimetric sensor for bad odor detection using automated color correctionSchmitt, K.; Tarantik, K.; Pannek, C.; Benito Altamirano, Ismael; Casals Guillén, Olga; Romano Rodríguez, Albert; Wöllenstein, J.; Prades García, Juan Daniel