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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002B-cell death and mass in syngeneically transplanted islets exposed to short and long-term hyperglycemiaBiarnés Costa, Montse; Montolio Rusiñol, Marta; Nacher, Victor; Raurell, Mercè; Soler Ramon, Joan; Montanya Mias, Eduard
Nov-1996Beta-cell growth and mass are preserved in long-term syngeneic islet transplantation in streptozocin-induced diabetic Lewis ratsNacher, Victor; Raurell, Mercè; Merino Rodríguez, Francisco; Aranda, Olga; Soler Ramon, Joan; Montanya Mias, Eduard
Oct-1999Mechanisms of glucosa hypersensitivity in ß-cells from normoglycemic, partially pancreatectomized miceMartin, Franz; Andreu, Etelvina; Rovira, Juan Manuel; Pertusa, Jose A. G.; Raurell, Mercè; Ripoll, Cristina; Sanchez-Andres, Juan Vicente; Montanya Mias, Eduard; Soria, Bernat
Feb-2000Optimal insulin tratment in experimental islet transplantationMerino, Juan F.; Nacher, Victor; Raurell, Mercè; Biarnés Costa, Montse; Soler Ramon, Joan; Montanya Mias, Eduard