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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015The Aging of Population: Expenditure on Education and Social SecurityRadogna, Piero
1-Sep-2022Agricultural composition and labor productivityBlanco Aguirre, Cesar Francisco; Raurich, Xavier
2019Agricultural Composition and Labor Productivity [WP]Blanco Aguirre, Cesar Francisco; Raurich, Xavier
2017Anatomizing the Mechanics of Structural ChangeAlonso Carrera, Jaime; Freire Serén, María Jesús; Raurich, Xavier
23-Mar-2023Are the liquidity and collateral roles of asset bubbles different?Clain-Chamosset-Yvrard, Lise; Raurich, Xavier; Seegmuller, Thomas
2015Consumption composition and macroeconomic dynamicsAlonso Carrera, Jaime; Caballé, Jordi; Raurich, Xavier
Dec-2015Demand-based structural change and balanced economic growthAlonso Carrera, Jaime; Raurich, Xavier
2014Demand-based structural change and balanced economic growth [WP]Raurich, Xavier; Alonso Carrera, Jaime
15-Jan-2016Development Patterns in Multi-Sector Growth ModelsCruz González, Bernabé Edgar
2017Endogenous Technology and Climate ChangeHaro Bañón, Antonio
2021Entrepreneurship, growth and productivity with bubblesClain-Chamosset-Yvrard, Lise; Raurich, Xavier; Seegmuller, Thomas
11-Jul-2019Essays in Education, Fertility, and the Welfare StatePoitiers, Niclas Frederic
12-Jan-2018Essays on Agriculture and Sectoral Composition in Developing CountriesBlanco Aguirre, Cesar Francisco
15-Jun-2022Essays on Skilled Labor Force and Structural TransformationsArmas, Cynthia
6-Feb-2023Essays on structural transformations: remittances, fertility and informalityGarofalo, Arianna
5-Sep-2016Essays on the Venezuelan economySantos, Miguel Ángel
2010Factor shares, the price markup, and the elasticity of substitution between capital and laborRaurich, Xavier; Sala Lorda, Hèctor; Sorolla, Valeri
2012Fiscal policy, composition of intergenerational transfers, and income distributionAlonso Carrera, Jaime; Caballé, Jordi; Raurich, Xavier
May-2019Growth and bubbles: Investing in human capital versus having childrenRaurich, Xavier; Seegmuller, Thomas
2012Growth Models with Exogenous Saving Rates, Unemployment and Wage InertiaRaurich, Xavier; Sorolla, Valeri