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2009Cultural transmission of ethnobotanical knowledge and skills: An empirical analysis from an Amerindian societyReyes-García, Victoria; Broesch, James; Calvet-Mir, Laura; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; McDade, Thomas W.; Parsa, Sorush; Tanner, Susan; Huanta, Tomàs; Leonard, William R.; Martínez-Rodríguez, Maria R.; TAPS Bolivian Study team.
23-Feb-2011Local perception and use of the multifunctionality of water tanks in two villages of Tamil Nadu, South IndiaGalán del Castillo, Elena; Reyes-García, Victoria; Aubriot, Olivia; Ariza, Pere; Serrano, Tarik; Martínez Alier, Joan
2007Water tanks as ecosystems. Local ecosystemic perception for integral management of water tanks in Tamil Nadu, South IndiaAriza, Pere; Galán del Castillo, Elena; Serrano, Tarik; Reyes-García, Victoria