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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2019Desenvolupament de sistemes superhidrofòbics sobre substrats metàl·lics: estudi de l’estabilitat i la seva aplicació amb criteris de sostenibilitatRius Ayra, Oriol
1-Jan-2016Identification of the mechanism that confers superhydrophobicity on 316L stainless steel.Escobar Romero, Ana Maria; Llorca i Isern, Núria; Rius Ayra, Oriol
26-Mar-2020Non-fluorinated, sustainable, and durable superhydrophobic microarrayed surface for water-harvestingRius Ayra, Oriol; Fiestas Paradela, Sheil; Llorca i Isern, Núria
6-Nov-2022Removal of dyes, oils, alcohol, heavy metals and microplastics from water with superhydrophobic materialsRius Ayra, Oriol; Biserova Tahchieva, lisiya; Llorca i Isern, Núria
25-Jan-2019Robust and superhydrophobic coating highly resistant to wear and efficient in water/oil separationRius Ayra, Oriol; Castellote-Alvarez, Roger; Escobar Romero, Ana Maria; Llorca i Isern, Núria
23-Feb-2021Special Issue 'Surface Modification of Metals and Alloys'.Rius Ayra, Oriol; Llorca i Isern, Núria
7-Jul-2021Superhydrophobic and nanostructured CuFeCo powder alloy for the capture of microplasticsRius Ayra, Oriol; Tahchieva, Alisiya Biserova; Lopez-Jimenez, Isabel; Llorca i Isern, Núria
26-Jun-2022Superhydrophobic PDMS coated 304 stainless-steel mesh for the removal of HDPE microplasticsRius Ayra, Oriol; Tahchieva, Alisiya Biserova; Sansa-López, V.; Llorca i Isern, Núria
1-Jun-2021Surface-functionalised materials for microplastic removalRius Ayra, Oriol; Tahchieva, Alisiya Biserova; Llorca i Isern, Núria