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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An updated biostratigraphy for the late Aragonian and the Vallesian of the Vallès-Penedès Basin (Catalonia)Casanovas i Vilar, Isaac; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; van Dam, Jan A.; García-Paredes, I.; Robles, Josep Maria; Alba, David M.
2019Bio- and magnetostratigraphic correlation of the Miocene primate bearing site of Castell de Barber a to the earliest VallesianAlba, David M.; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Casanovas i Vilar, Isaac; Robles, Josep Maria; Pina, Marta; Moyà Solà, Salvador; Almécija, Sergio
2005Firmground ichnofacies recording high-frequency marine flooding events (Langhian transgression, Vallè-Penedès Basin, Spain)Gibert Clols, Josep, 1941-2007; Robles, Josep Maria
2006Los vertebrados fosiles del Abocador de Can Mata (els Hostalets de Pierola, l'Anoia, CataluÑa), una sucesion de localidades del Aragoniense superior (MN6 y MN7+8) de la cuenca del Valles-Penedes. CampaÑas 2002-2003, 2004-2005Alba, David M.; Moyà Solà, Salvador; Casanovas i Vilar, Isaac; Galindo, Jordi; Robles, Josep Maria; Rotgers, Cheyenn; Furió Bruno, Marc; Angelone, Chiara; Köhler, Meike; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Cabrera, Lluís; Almécija, Sergio; Obradó, Pau
Jan-2017Ten years in the dump: An updated review of the Miocene primate-bearing localities from Abocador de Can Mata (NE Iberian Peninsula)Alba, David M.; Casanovas i Vilar, Isaac; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Robles, Josep Maria
2016The Miocene mammal record of the Vallès-Penedès Basin (Catalonia)Casanovas i Vilar, Isaac; Madern, Anneke; Alba, David M.; Cabrera, Lluís; García-Paredes, Israel; Van den Hoek Ostende, Lars W.; Robles, Josep Maria; Furió Bruno, Marc; van Dam, Jan A.; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Angelone, Chiara; Moyà Solà, Salvador; DeMiguel, Daniel