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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Design and application of chemometric methods to the determination of compounds of interest in biodieselsRocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo
19-Jan-2022Development and implementation of strategies for process data fusion, modelling and controlRocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo
2021LINEAR UNMIXING PROTOCOL FOR HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGE FUSION ANALYSIS APPLIED TO A CASE STUDY OF VEGETAL TISSUESGómez Sánchez, Adrián; Marro, Mónica; Marsal, Maria; Zacchetti, Sara; Rocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo; Loza Álvarez, Pablo; de Juan, Anna
21-Jul-2017Process modeling and control applied to real-time monitoring of distillation processes by near-infrared spectroscopyRocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo; Pedroza, Rica; Sousa, Adriano O.; Lima, Kassio M. G.; Juan Capdevila, Anna de
21-Apr-2020Process monitoring of moisture content and mass transfer rate in a fluidised bed with a low cost inline MEMS NIR sensorAvila, Claudio R.; Ferré, Joan; Rocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo; Juan Capdevila, Anna de; Sinclair, Wayne E.; Mahdi, Faiz M.; Hassanpour, Ali; Hunter, Timothy N.; Bourne, Richard A.; Muller, Frans L.
13-Aug-2021Steps to build a DIY low-cost fixed-wing drone for biodiversity conservationMesquita, Geison P.; Rodríguez Teijeiro, José Domingo; Rocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo; Mulero-Pázmány, Margarita
3-Feb-2020Understanding the formation of heartwood in Larch using synchrotron infrared imaging combined with multivariate analysis and atomic force microscope infrared spectroscopyPiqueras, Sara; Füchtner, Sophie; Rocha de Oliveira, Rodrigo; Gómez Sánchez, Adrián; Jelavic, Stanislav; Keplinger, Tobias; Juan Capdevila, Anna de; Thygesen, Lisbeth Garbrecht