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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2014A feed-forward spiking model of shape-coding by IT cellsRomeo Val, August; Supèr, Hendrik Anne
2010Feed-forward segmentation of figure-ground and assignment of border-ownershipSupèr, Hendrik Anne; Keil, Matthias S.; Romeo Val, August
2011Feedback enhances feedforward figure-ground segmentation by changing firing modeSupèr, Hendrik Anne; Romeo Val, August
1993Generalization transitions in Hidden-Layer neural networks for third-order feature discriminationRomeo Val, August
2011Masking of figure-ground and features by surround inhibition: A spiking modelSupèr, Hendrik Anne; Romeo Val, August
17-Jul-2012Noise destroys feedback enhanced figure-ground segmentation but not feedforward figure-ground segmentationRomeo Val, August; Arall, Marina; Supèr, Hendrik Anne
1993Vidres de spins i xarxes neuronalsRitort Farran, Fèlix; Romeo Val, August
2-Feb-2017Visual fatigue while watching 3D stimuli from different positionsAznar Casanova, José Antonio; Romeo Val, August; Torrents Gómez, Aurora; Martin-Enrile, P.