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12-Jul-2014Applicability of magnetic fabrics in rocks associated with the emplacement of salt structures (the Bicorb-Quesa and Navarrés salt walls, Prebetics, SE Spain)Soto Marín, Ruth; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Oliva-Urcia, Belén; Roca i Abella, Eduard; Rubinat Cabanas, Marc; Villaín, Juan J.
27-Jun-2012Basement fault influence on the Bicorb-Quesa Salt Wall kinematics, insights from Magnetotelluric and Paleomagnetic techniques on Salt TectonicsRubinat Cabanas, Marc
1-Jan-2012Evolution of salt structures during extension and inversion of the Offshore Parentis Basin (Eastern Bay of Biscay)Ferrer García, J. Oriol (José Oriol); Jackson, M.P.; Roca i Abella, Eduard; Rubinat Cabanas, Marc